Three Cans

Just three cans. Catching a cold on vacation sucks. Duh! I brought back only three cans of Green Bench Brewing’s IPA.

In hindsight this is fine. I had little space to spare on my return flight.

I had the first three cans just after Christmas. I’ll enjoy the final three soon with friends. That makes it worth the trouble.


Florida Beers Continued

I’m here…more than a week. A jolly time was had by all for 2nd Christmas, but my sinuses are interfering. Only Green Bench Brewing Co.’s India Pale Ale has been enjoyed. I’ll have to get the rest to go. Funky Buddha will also be to go.

Florida Beers

So I’m going home, my hometown, in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida next week. I’ve tried Cigar City Beers and Three Daughter Beers. What other beers do you all recommend? To those who have visited Japan, or are in Japan, what do you think? I may bring a bottle or two back with me.

Along with this, I believe posting will happen more despite my less frequent drinking.

A Reboot?

So what about blog reboots, start-overs? What do most people do if you want to renovate your blog? Begin a new one altogether or just set everything aside and redesign/rebrand yourself?

Just Getting Cooking….

So I don’t drink much. That’s probably a good thing. But what I’ve been trying to do with beer is just as good. I have always loved cooking and trying new things. So for now, I’m expanding on the recipes I’ve been writing and testing for Beer Zen magazine in Japan.  I’m also branching out and writing other beer related articles.  Hopefully I’ll start posting more here again. Yeah, I’ve said that before but I really am going to try harder. Oh, yeah, I’m also working on learning how to build apps for iOS. Let’s see where that takes me.

Beer Zen Instagram

BTW, I’m happy to be helping out with the Beer Zen Instagram account. Lots of fun!



Epic Saturday and Awesome (Really) Monday

Saturday was a beautiful day here in the Kansai. It was  hot one to be sure with a breeze only showing up fashionably late in the afternoon. In the kick-ass event space of Grow Space Salt Valley Ashiharabashi (in Japanese) Beer Zen held an epic keg party just about going through eight kegs of premium craft beer from the U.S. west coast.  It was great fun working the kegs and talking to so many people who make the craft beer scene in Kansai such a warm and inviting crowd.

We then adjourned to another craft beer bar, TNT (just Facebook site for now), where the size is more intimate  and the brew selection is even better.  Discussing life with friends there I made it home before long and spent Sunday recovering.

Monday, was supposed to be a day of car pooling and cleaning.  Nope. I met a friend out at Suma beach in western KOBE and we relaxed under his pavilion tent drinking a bit and swimming. The nearby Copenhagen Hot Dog shop was lunch; I always step in where the dogs are always awesome and the owner is friendly.

Now onto a week of festivals and driving. Looking forward to next Monday though.  May the force be with us.

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