Bottling and Yeast Washing

Wow! When I said I was going to do a blog I figured I would write consistently. Sorry about that.

So. I bottled my latest batch of beer today. I got 40 500ml bottles of my Trans-Oceanic Ale done in just under three hours. I had a lot of washing to do and the yeast is still settling. I’ll get to that soon. This beer is a mix of New Zealand Draught and an IPA kit with a few hundred grams of dry malt I had laying around. I also put in my remaining cascade hops (50g finishing at different times) and a Wyeast 1056 American ale yeast. I have no idea what will come out but it seems to be alright.

I harvested the sediment from the fermenter as per instructions found at It is taking a lot longer to settle out than discussed in the article but I may not have been as careful in the initial pouring off so we’ll just have to see.


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