Little Writeup for a Weekend of Beer

Right. So I’m actually writing about the time I said I would. But enough about that. Time to bathe in the beer tub of my weekend.

Saturday night I attended the monthly beer dinner at Asahiya in northern Osaka. This lovely little shop carries craft and big beer brews from all over the world. The owner is a wonderful man who opens his shop and home with tremendous warmth. Each month seems to feature different beers along with food prepared by his family that compliment the beers.

I started off with the Minoh Yuzu White. The citrus aroma was well defined and the flavor was quite refreshing. I like this beer a lot but enjoy. It much more in the heat of the summer. I followed this up with Shiga Kogen’s African Pale Ale. I’m still unsure what that actually means—anyone know?— but it is one of my favorites and I always have some when I get a chance.

As always I enjoyed Asahiya’s event very much. I ate more than I should have and will next time as well.

Today. Today was the first meeting of homebrewers for this year. So many beers were submitted and we still lack a formal way of critiquing each other’s brews so there was some confusion. Yet from this we have some ideas on how to improve or comments to the beers and thus helping each other improve in our beer endeavors.


Quickie at the coffee shop

Just saying hi before I’m off to a favorite spot for a new year craft beer party. Should be great. There will be lots of good cheeses along with the beer. I hope to get a chance to write about it tomorrow or tonight. I really need to since I’ve had some nice brews in the last few months and haven’t written a word.

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