New Post, Not Much to Say

There has been a gap in my postings that is personally unforgivable.  I have been trying to get into this more regularly but have found little time.

I’ve been really getting back into brewing this season.  I gave up the malt extract brewing process and have ventured into the world of brew in a bag.  It’s a bit more work but the control over the final product is so much better.  I should say that it has actually been more theoretically controllable as I’ve had a crash course in different problems that can occur in a more variable-intense home brew session.

My first partial mash was in my old squarish fermenter.  I thought is was well cleaned and sanitized but a few stray bugs were able to camp out and cause havoc in the brew.

The next one was a partial mash with nearly 3kgs of Japanese pumpkin added to the crystal 60 malt steeping.  I really was careful with the fermenter but can’t tell if there was any infection because the pumpkin ale was so complex in flavor, any infection could have been lost in the mix.

I finally ditched that fermenter (now used as a storage unit for star-san solution) and got a food grade 25l bucket that seals quite well.  I put a hole in the top for an airlock and did my first full BIAB (brew in a bag).  Something didn’t work out this time as it was infected as well.  The fermenter was well sanitized so it was either at the time of bottling or in a poorly made starter  I might need to just get a new batch of fresh yeast as I’m afraid the yeast I harvested might also be infected.

My most current batch of beer is an American Pale Ale and it seems much better.  I bottled 40 bottles on Saturday last (20l) and tasted a bit of the uncarbonated product.  I didn’t detect any off flavors so we’ll see how it goes while it conditions in the bottle.

I really am trying to get more into this blog.  If anyone is on Instagram, my name is:  kansaiclikker.  I have a bunch of my beer pictures up there.  I’m also on Pinterest (also kansaicliker) with several boards involving craft beer and home brew.


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