From Craft Beer Tastings to Home Brew

I thought that beginning this blog with something big would be best.  It also means I’m putting a lot of pressure on myself to write well too.  I’ve never really done much blogging and never focused on anything in writing like this so please forgive my writing.  I hope it will improve with more experience.  So, with that out of the way, let’s get to the craft beer taster and beyond.

I love craft beer.  November 19th gave me an opportunity to enjoy a variety of beers from two prominent Japanese craft breweries and help educate people about the virtues of this heavenly drink.  Cafe Absinthe was the venue providing a beautiful spread of Mediterranean food the restaurant is well known for in Osaka.  It was great helping my friend Ajen who organized the event.  He worked with Minoh Beer and Baird Beer putting together a careful selection of brew that paired deliciously with the food.   I helped wherever I could but mostly served some of the best Baird Beer I’ve ever had.  I’d love to go into the characteristics of each beer I sampled but that is something I’d like to leave for future posts.  On top of that, the head brewers from each brewery gave a short talk on their craft.  I missed these keeping the beer going downstairs but I know I’ll have another chance.

I should have posted immediately but a down side to enjoying a night of craft beer is a day of recovery and rest.  I also needed my strength for the following Sunday’s home brew get-together.  I can’t go into the whereabouts of this outing or who was involved but the number of bottles and variety of beer involved was something to feast the eyes on as well as the palate.  I took a few samples of my own and enjoyed samples from others.  My first home brew taster was an eye opener and I went home with so many ideas of how to improve my brewing.  We also were drinking outside in 10°C weather so some of the guys seem to have comedown with colds.  No one is complaining though.

I guess that is all for now but I will try to post more now that I have started this.  I need to get to Eni-bru in Osaka as well as they’ve got a phenomenal selection of craft brew from around the world.


Japan Craft Beer Group

Japan Craft Beer Group.  So this is a soft opening to my beer blog.  if you’re interested, let me know.  I’ll be working this craft beer taster on November 19th.  I wouldn’t call it work since it’s the kind of work that is just plain fun where you get to see your friends, make new ones and enjoy good times.

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