Epic Saturday and Awesome (Really) Monday

Saturday was a beautiful day here in the Kansai. It was  hot one to be sure with a breeze only showing up fashionably late in the afternoon. In the kick-ass event space of Grow Space Salt Valley Ashiharabashi (in Japanese) Beer Zen held an epic keg party just about going through eight kegs of premium craft beer from the U.S. west coast.  It was great fun working the kegs and talking to so many people who make the craft beer scene in Kansai such a warm and inviting crowd.

We then adjourned to another craft beer bar, TNT (just Facebook site for now), where the size is more intimate  and the brew selection is even better.  Discussing life with friends there I made it home before long and spent Sunday recovering.

Monday, was supposed to be a day of car pooling and cleaning.  Nope. I met a friend out at Suma beach in western KOBE and we relaxed under his pavilion tent drinking a bit and swimming. The nearby Copenhagen Hot Dog shop was lunch; I always step in where the dogs are always awesome and the owner is friendly.

Now onto a week of festivals and driving. Looking forward to next Monday though.  May the force be with us.


Yet Another Long Stretch

So the story of my bottom line—in my wallet and my forty-year-old waist—has lead me to delay the latest post to this oh so prolific blog on Japanese craft beer.  I would like to say drinking less has made me feel healthier and happier.  But that would be a rather stretched to the limits truth. I have many good days of health and cutting down on high calorie drinks like full bodied beer has contributed to that. And drinking good, really good craft beer left frequently has me appreciating it even more when I do get time to sit and ponder the ways the aromas, flavored and textures interact and delight or disgust. 

I have been busy with other endeavors still related to craft beer. The wonderful Beer Zen magazine focusing on many craft beers in the Kansai region of Japan and other aspects of the craft beer scene has been where I’ve been doing some of my writing. It’s not much on my part, just a recipe each issue for the past few years. I enjoy the chance to explore where my creativity may develop and take me. I’m currently working on an article on craft beer importing into Japan. I hope it will be ready and published by the January 2017 issue. 

Little Writeup for a Weekend of Beer

Right. So I’m actually writing about the time I said I would. But enough about that. Time to bathe in the beer tub of my weekend.

Saturday night I attended the monthly beer dinner at Asahiya in northern Osaka. This lovely little shop carries craft and big beer brews from all over the world. The owner is a wonderful man who opens his shop and home with tremendous warmth. Each month seems to feature different beers along with food prepared by his family that compliment the beers.

I started off with the Minoh Yuzu White. The citrus aroma was well defined and the flavor was quite refreshing. I like this beer a lot but enjoy. It much more in the heat of the summer. I followed this up with Shiga Kogen’s African Pale Ale. I’m still unsure what that actually means—anyone know?— but it is one of my favorites and I always have some when I get a chance.

As always I enjoyed Asahiya’s event very much. I ate more than I should have and will next time as well.

Today. Today was the first meeting of homebrewers for this year. So many beers were submitted and we still lack a formal way of critiquing each other’s brews so there was some confusion. Yet from this we have some ideas on how to improve or comments to the beers and thus helping each other improve in our beer endeavors.

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