Not a Root Beer Float

Because I felt like it. Yesterday I bought a Guinness Extra Stout not sure what is so extra about it. Tasted about the same as their regular stout. I then bought a small tub (single-serve) of vanilla ice cream. Made myself a stout float. That was an interesting bit of dessert. I’d say once the vanilla ice cream melted into the Guinness, the flavors blended well together and it went down almost like a chocolate shake. A chocolate shake it wasn’t. Nor was it a root beer float. Not really sweet at all.


no beers, no tears

No beers for a few days. Just some high balls. Feeling a bit F. Scott Fitzgerald-y. No? Right. I did have a good Chu-hai (highball with Shochu) flavored like bergamot.

And this evening (after work?) I added some tonic water to mead. That was refreshing.

Night out in Kobe

It was a night of craft beer and other spirits. The spirit was giving. More specifically, while I had some phenomenal craft brew, I joined Party Kobe Water 4 Life. By donating ¥1000, I got a stamp card good for a shot at nine bars mostly in the Sannomiya area of Kobe. I started off at Midnight with Rogue’ Hazelutely Choctabulous and Baird’s Mikan Ale along with a few other samples.

Along with a good friend, we proceeded to seven more bars and had our shots. It was great walk around, trading stories, and seeing other friends I have missed for a long time–being only a minute or two between each establishment. Loved most of the shots except one which we dubbed ‘the wet rabbit’ for its bouquet. That is not important in the big picture as it was all for a good cause, helping to bring clean water to poor communities in Africa.

Happy (Belated?) Australia Day

Or whatever you want to call it. So what am I going to do? Possibly go drink some beer from New Zealand. And shots. There is a charity aspect to it all as well.

Beer Zen Issue Party Tomorrow

I have been wanting to post sooner about the upcoming Beer Zen issue party once the Beer/tap List is known. It isn’t as of this writing. I’ll update later hopefully.

Beer Zen Issue Release Party

Florida Beers Continued

I’m here…more than a week. A jolly time was had by all for 2nd Christmas, but my sinuses are interfering. Only Green Bench Brewing Co.’s India Pale Ale has been enjoyed. I’ll have to get the rest to go. Funky Buddha will also be to go.

Blehhhhhhhh!!!!!!!  Or how to fix (sorta) an old messed up homebrew

This really is going to be short.  The remnants of my quick experiment just slid down my gullet.  It wasn’t a bad experiment, just a quick response to a need—the need to improve the flavor of an old, slightly funky homebrew.

If you may recall, a few months ago I did a SMTHbeer.  That is a single malt and two hop brew.  Usually you do only one hop but I didn’t have enough Cascade hops so I through in just enough Centennial to up the Alphas.  It turned out to be a weak beer but one I could readily understand.  The hops were clear and the malt, though merely base, was discernible. 

Fast forward to now.  I have the remaining bottles and a sense that throwing it out is a sin simply because throwing stuff out is hard.  And a bit of a waste.  So how shall I fix this?  Use a lovin’ spoon full of sugar— in the form of berry sauce.  The sauce was made for a cheese cake and was simple:  blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and a sprinkling of sugar.

So I took a spoon full of that and added it to my pint glass before filling.  The results can be seen below:


experiment along side its ugly parent

The aroma improved.  The berries were nice with the tart and sweet.  The flavor was only a bit different from the original though with the berries adding only a smidgen of cover to the old beer flowing from the bottle and glass.

Overall it was an experiment I will try again with another bottle, but with more berry sauce.  The color was a fun side effect as well.

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