Beer Zen Release Party

Now that was a great party. There were some beautiful beers and, though Boku to Inu is small, it felt more intimate than cramped. The Onidensetsu WIPA was hoppy but not overly so. I enjoyed Isekadoya’s Uramura Oyster Stout over everything else. Maybe I was just in a dark Beer mood.


Tap List is Here!!

And here is the awesome tap list for tonight’s Beer Zen Party:

鬼の鼻息WIPA(Oni no Hanaiki WIPA/鬼伝説 Onidensetsu

浦村牡蠣スタウト(Uramura Oyster Stout/伊勢角屋

うるめ(Pumpkin Weizen)/Be Easy Brewing

Freshman/Brighton Bier

Hard Count IPA/Green Flash

Neko Nihiki/伊勢角屋

Also, I’ll have “Cards Against Humanity” with me so let’s have some great beer and great times.

Beer Zen Issue Release Party Today!

Still no tap list and I wanted to find the online version of this (#19) issue but couldn’t. Past issues can be viewed from the Best of Osaka site though.

I’ll link to issue #19 as soon as I can but if you can get a hard copy, please enjoy my article on Beer and Mindfulness. I explore a way to enjoy your craft beer through mindfulness practice. Maybe that sounds a bit pretentious. I’d just say it’s a bit alternative.

Beer Zen Issue Party Tomorrow

I have been wanting to post sooner about the upcoming Beer Zen issue party once the Beer/tap List is known. It isn’t as of this writing. I’ll update later hopefully.

Beer Zen Issue Release Party

Three Cans

Just three cans. Catching a cold on vacation sucks. Duh! I brought back only three cans of Green Bench Brewing’s IPA.

In hindsight this is fine. I had little space to spare on my return flight.

I had the first three cans just after Christmas. I’ll enjoy the final three soon with friends. That makes it worth the trouble.

Florida Beers Continued

I’m here…more than a week. A jolly time was had by all for 2nd Christmas, but my sinuses are interfering. Only Green Bench Brewing Co.’s India Pale Ale has been enjoyed. I’ll have to get the rest to go. Funky Buddha will also be to go.

Florida Beers

So I’m going home, my hometown, in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida next week. I’ve tried Cigar City Beers and Three Daughter Beers. What other beers do you all recommend? To those who have visited Japan, or are in Japan, what do you think? I may bring a bottle or two back with me.

Along with this, I believe posting will happen more despite my less frequent drinking.

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