A Good (and soggy) Beer Garden Party

It started off in a muggy line waiting for the elevator. Seven of our party went up and got our tables on the roof. Settled in, we loaded up on pitchers of Kirin lager, stout and a curious blend of the too. We also piled plates high with crab to grill at our tables and a few vegetables for color. The first Kampai came and several more followed as more people arrived. The clouds grew darker and closer. I took out my umbrella and before long we were using it. Then the drizzle turned into a downpour so grabbing our most important items at the moment, our beer glasses, we headed for the awning.

We had been given the option to back out early before paying but figured it wouldn’t rain too much. And we’d just stick it out if the rain continued too long. We wanted our money’s worth. So we stuck it out and huddled together with a hundred other people, making a few more friends along the way.

Each time the rain would stop we’d return to our chairs, wipe them down and get back to eating and drinking. A great time was had by all and I believe I learned a bit more about persistence—at least when it comes to beer drinking.




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