Finally! A Spent Grain Bread You Can Eat!

Wow! すごい!Unbelievable! My reaction to a well baked loaf of bread may seem excessive, but I have a reason. This is the first time that anything I’ve made with spent grain from a home brew has really turned out…edible. Oh, it looks good too.

Actually, I’ve made cookies with spent grain before. That occasion I used an oatmeal cookie recipe as a base replacing most of the oats with spent grain from a pale ale I had made earlier in the day. Those cookies turned out soggy and left the impression that they weren’t fully baked. I believe it was from using wet spent grain.

The spent grain I used this time into my bread was simply thrown in as an adjunct to the standard bread recipe for my bread machine. The spent grain was from a beer I helped in brewing at a friend’s place a few weeks ago. I put a bit in the freezer for later use. The defrosted grain (I only added a couple tablespoons) seemed just moist enough and the results were wonderful.

I had to toss the remainder of the grain (just a little bit though it was) in the rubbish so next time I freeze spent grain, I’ll do it in smaller single use packets. That should give me a bit more use out of it.

So, have you ever baked with spent grain? What have you baked? What are your successes and failures?



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