Whoops! Where did the time go?

I really am disappointed in myself. I was going to write about the wonderful time spent at the World Craft Beer Tasting a few weekends back but have had to deal with some personal issues. Now that those things have begun to settle I can refocus on beer.

The WCBT was absolutely beautiful. I just wish I had written down more of have beers I had. I focused mostly on Washington state brews like a lovely dunkel and a smooth oatmeal imperial stout that went down easy not suggesting that it was a warm 9% brew.

After the Tasting I wound my way with friends to a beergarden where I traded quality for quantity. The quality was there of course with friends and family but the beer was standard Kirin in as much as I could drink. I took it easy; I have responsibilities.

The next step is the coming brew season. I have been wrangling up hops and grain. The temperature should be on its way down to a brewer’s comfort zone in the next week or so then I will get to my first planned brew of the year, a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale clone. I still haven’t decided what to use as a substitute for Perle hops but I can’t wait. I hope I can follow up the pale ale with a stout or smoked porter. I’m almost jumping with anticipation.


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