All You Can Drink/All You Can Eat Beer Garden

It’s been a great evening. I’m not sure how to start as with an all-you-can eat/drink beer garden a person is libel to indulge more than they should. Luckily I didn’t tonight. I was able to stop with a nice stop at a nearby watering hole for some Canadian Rye to finish the night. My choice of libation was not enjoyed by all but I did enjoy it as a final drink of the night.

The earlier beer drinking was much more social. I love beer gardens in Japan. You pay to sit in an area to drink as much as you can in 2 or more hours. I’m not saying the beer is good. It’s mediocre commercial stuff but the reason I go to beer gardens is to see friends. We have fun catching up on all the little things in life that at times seem like nothing. But when you get together with friends and new friends talking about all the different things, it gives them a different life. you can see everything in a different perspective.

I’m on my way home; a sobering 4 mile hike. I’m listening to Aerosmith and enjoying the cool summer air. The moon is beautiful. I would love to see the stars. But it’s okay. The stars will be there tomorrow.


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