All Grain Beer, Spent Grain Bread

So today was simply planned.  With my kids, I went to my friend’s house to help with his brew-in-a-bag beer and then use some of the spent grain for bread.  It all started out with all the kids playing and the mash going along to plan.  At one point my kindly Bristolian friend’s kindly Japanese wife took all the kids shopping.  With them away, I started assembling the ingredients for the bread.  It was to be a simple recipe.  We took liberties with it.

Suddenly, I found I forgot some ingredients and so ran down the hill from the house to the store to pick up some more butter and flour.  The butter was needed later.  The flour wasn’t needed.  I found later that we needed salt and milk so ran down the hill in the rain again.  Once this aerobic workout back up the hill to the house was through we could proceed.

The dough looked good but barely rose.  We shrugged it off and let the kids get to loafing around.  The dining table was cleared and cleaned thoroughly.  Flour was spread on top of a plastic coated tablecloth and everyone got a bit of dough.  It was then playtime.  In retrospect I should have worked out some aprons, but oh well.  Once the loaves were shaped and placed on baking sheets to rise a bit more we had flour all over the table, floor and the kids.  No problem.  Once cleaned the kids were off playing something else with the bread out of sight and out of mind.

Finally, the bread was done just after four in the afternoon, about three hours after starting.  Popped back home and cut open the loaves for a dinner of mustard chicken and an IPA to drink.  The aroma and flavor were great. The texture was not quite what I had in mind but, with the dough not having risen as much as it should have, it was about what I expected.  The top of the loaves was fluffy as most yeast breads are but the bottom was compact and a bit sticky/chewy or mochi-mochi as the Japanese would say.  It was cooked though and I haven’t felt any stomach pains so thumbs up and the rest of the bread will be for breakfast.  If I do this recipe again I will have to remember to let it rise a lot more and perhaps put it in a warmer location.


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